Your Resident Librarian

Hi! My name is Margie Clayman, and I am the librarian here at the Blog Library.

Librarians have often been thought of as women with tight buns in their hair, glasses on their noses, and hushing fingers to their mouths. However, librarianship is so much more. Librarianship is about the organization of information. It is the study of how people access information. It is the act of preserving and protecting content that exists in the world.

For many years now, people have been generating content on their blog sites. Recently, the Associated Press determined that blogs were credible enough (generally) to use as sources for news stories. Who, though, is keeping track of all of this content? It’s like the thirsty sailor dying for a drop of water while sailing the seas. Content content everywhere, but ne’ever exactly what you need.

My goal here is to create a virtual library that not only categorizes content and promotes bloggers and their blogs but also creates a community like a brick and mortar library would do. I look forward to building that community with you, and I trust if you have any ideas or suggestions you will send them my way.

In the meantime, I wish you happy writing and happy reading!