What We Are Teaching Little Girls

Carol Roth is understandably flummoxed after seeing advertisements for “loungerie” for young girls. Are incidents like this, shows like Toddlers and Tiaras, and other facets of our society telling little girls that outside beauty matters more than anything else? Are we focusing too much on exterior beauty and not enough on brains and heart? Read Carol’s post over at Huffington Post and voice your opinions!

Post Title: Teach Girls To Be Smart, Not Sexy

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How To Prevent Your Elevator Pitch from Sinking

Carol Roth offers great advice here, piece by piece, on how to create a powerful and effective elevator pitch (no, they’re not dead either). Carol comes back to a really key point – in the end, the person you’re talking to needs to understand what’s in it for them. If the elevator pitch is just about you and what you do, you won’t be allowed to hang around for very long.

Post Title: Tips for the Perfect Elevator Pitch

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You can’t save a drowning person if you’re drowning, too

Carol Roth is always full of excellent advice for business owners and entrepreneurs, and this post is no exception. Carol points out that sometimes, in order to serve your customers in the best way possible, you actually need to take some time to destress, unplug, and do a bit of planning and relaxing. It’s hard to go unplugged in these modern times, but it will serve you and your customers well in the end.

Post Title: How Taking Care of Yourself and Your Business Takes Care of Your Customers

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