How To Make Twitter Work For You

Are you wondering how to find success on the Twitter platform as you wander through the jungle of tweets in an effort to try to grow your business? Wouldn’t it be great if there was one post you could go to that had every single morsel of knowledge you ever could want? Guess what? There is! Jeff Bullas has you all taken care of with one fantastic post. Read, absorb, rinse, repeat, and you’ll be rocking Twitter like the rockingest rockstar you are!

Post Title: How To Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy That Rocks

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The World’s Best Blog

Looking for pointers on how to blog for business? According to Jeff Bullas, you need look no further than the Southwest Airlines blog. Even though the airline industry often has to deal with customers at their most stressed, Southwest, according to Jeff, has made their blog user and customer friendly. Want to see how they did it? Read his post!

Post Title: Is This The World’s Best Company Blog?

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Finding Work That’s Play – The Secret To Blogging

I love this concept from Jeff Bullas. Often he is asked “What should I write about?” or “How do I become a successful blogger?” To Jeff’s mind, the secret is to find something you love, something that’s fun to write about. If blogging feels like a chore, you will struggle with it, most likely. If you look forward to writing your next blog because you are writing about stuff you enjoy, it can be a breeze (well, at least the writing part). How do you find work that’s play in life or when it comes to your blogging routine? Let Jeff know!

Post Title: The Secret Behind Every Successful Blogger

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30 things you shouldn’t share online

I know that Farmville is fun – I was sucked into the Farmville vortex for a short while. However, it can also make you forget that all of that activity (and your other online activity) is all quite public and out in the open. Jeff Bullas reminds you of 30 things you should not share on Social Media.

Post Title: 30 Things You Should Not Share on Social Media

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