The Myth of the Influencer

Ever heard of the abominable snowman? Well, according to Geoff Livingston, finding a real influencer who can make a measurable difference for you online may be just as hard as finding a real abominable snowman. Why does Geoff believe influencers are mythical? Read this fantastic post and then weigh in!

The Abominable Influencer

Integrated Marketing Versus Social Business: Which Comes First?

Geoff Livingston writes a compelling post asking a question I have yet to see anywhere else. That question is whether companies will embrace fully integrated marketing before they embrace the idea of social business, which is a buzz phrase these days. Geoff notes that a lot of companies still haven’t even tackled social media as a marketing tactic, so the chances of them changing their entire culture seem rather slim. What are your thoughts? Let Geoff know!

What Comes First, Multichannel Integration or Social Business?

President Obama’s Twitter Town Hall

For those people waiting for Twitter to go mainstream…well, this is about as mainstream as it gets! President Obama conducted a “Twitter town hall” where he answered a few questions live and … well, sort of in person. Geoff Livingston was at the White House watching the President analyze and evaluate each tweet, and his review offers a lot of insight into Twitter, the President, and modern society. Great read. Great capture of an interesting moment!

Post Title: Observing Obama’s First Town Hall Live

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The problem with the “A-Lister” conversation

What could be more productive than pining over or complaining about the Social Media elite? Well, just about anything, as Geoff Livingston notes. Most importantly, people could exert more energy towards trying to influence others rather than trying to get on the radar of other perceived A-listers. And who are these A-listers, anyway? A thought-provoking post.

Post Title: Why The A-List Conversation Hurts Us

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The pluses (or minuses) of Google Plus

Geoff Livingston offers a detailed review of Google Plus, and overall, his review is pretty positive. At the very least, he suggests you give it a try!

Post Title: Google: Plus or Minus

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The Myth of One Marketing Strategy

Is the “one strategy” approach to marketing nothing more than homage to a myth? Geoff Livingston makes a pretty compelling argument that says, “Yes it is.” And yet, it might not be entirely mythical…

Post Title: The “One Strategy” Myth

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