How To Create An Online Conversation

Gini Dietrich does not want to hear you talk about how no one is talking about you online. It’s not a problem! See, Gini notes that if no one is talking about you, you have free reign to start the conversation yourself, which many people might find preferable anyway. But how do you get that initial spark lit that will start your fiery conversation? That’s where this post really shines. For some great advice, check out this post!

Post Title: Create An Online Conversation

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A Study Of The Netflix Apology

One day, people may look back on the name Netflix (or any other businesses that stem off of the split between the DVD and live streaming business) and wonder what it was all about. You went to the trouble of getting round disks with entertainment mailed to you? Then you paid for that content to be streamed on your computer, which then you could plug in to your television via something called an X-Box? Boy, how antiquated. But for now, it all seems pretty fresh, and a lot of people are viewing it as a fresh wound. The apology from Netflix regarding the price hikes and how the news was handled doesn’t seem to be much of a band-aid either, at least according to Gini Dietrich. What do you think about how Netflix handled this whole situation?

Post Title: Netflix: A Lesson in Communication and What Not To Do

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Using LinkedIn To Find Prospects

Do you like making cold calls? No? Well, have I got the post for you. Gini Dietrich has a treasure trove of easy-to-follow steps that will help you find prospects using LinkedIn. She outlines these steps in such a simple way that you’ll bonk yourself on the head and wonder why you’re not doing that already. That is the sign of great advice and a great post. Check it out!

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Are You Leaving Time To Work ON Your Business?

This is really a must-read post by Gini Dietrich if you are a business owner or if you are thinking of becoming one. One of the greatest challenges in any business is preserving existing clients while making sure your company is operating efficiently and growing. How can you do it all and still have, like, a life? Gini has a great idea for you.

Post Title: Working On Your Business, Not In It

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Yet Another Social Network

Gini Dietrich offers excellent detail about what Google Plus is made of, but without an invite (it’s invite only right now) her initial reaction seems to be, “Great, another social network.” Will this answer to Facebook end up overcoming Facebook? Only time will tell. In the meantime, read up :)

Post Title: The Google+ Project Is Here

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Hey, stop trying to kill cyclists

This post by Gini Dietrich has nothing to do with social media but everything to do with how crazy people can get when they’re in their cars. For Gini, it’s a matter of people running her off the road when she’s biking. For me, it was always people playing dumb games when I was a pedestrian, like slowing down as if they were going to stop and then speeding up as soon as I stepped into the cross walk. People. Are. Crazy.

Post Title: Rules of the Road

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What would you tell the younger you?

Gini Dietrich offers a video response to this compelling question – what would you tell the younger you? Gini was asked the question in regards to business, but it’s a great question to ask yourself across the life spectrum!

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