Opting out of Klouting

When Klout first opened its virtual doors, it was hard not to run into people who either loved it or hated it – but everyone had an opinion. And, it seemed, everyone had an account. I have to admit, when Klout first came out I couldn’t resist checking in every once in awhile. I couldn’t help but notice that the less I tweeted, the more my score went down. Then the +Ks came out, and I found out I was influential in things like kitties. I love kitties, and I’m not going to say I’m bummed out about that, but it didn’t really seem to carry a lot of professional weight for me. After a year or so of similarly contradictory thoughts, Sam Fiorella opted to put his virtual money where his virtual mouth was. He deleted his Klout account and has never looked back. Do you agree with Sam’s reasoning? Weigh in!

I’m Taking Back My Influence; Opting Out of Klout

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