Nobody Succeeds Alone

In all of the turmoil going on around the world, it’s easy to think that some people got success all on their own. No forces were at work that helped them along. Nobody was there. They did it all by themselves. Sometimes it takes a puppy to point out the truth, and that’s just what Rufus Dogg does in his post called You Were Carried. Beginning with a great historical reference to the baby that Sacagawea carried to the modern-day 53%, Rufus notes that we all are carried, even if we may not realize or acknowledge it. This is a great and timely post!

Post Title: You were carried

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  1. Buddy Hodges says:

    Yes, we have all been carried! We all “need somebody to lean on.” It is interesting that everyone wins with interdependence. We love to be needed. Truly “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” Volunteering and mentoring are among the most satisfying things in life.

    Your post caught my attention because my latest blog post was on “Interdependence vs. Independence Reconsidered”:

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