Komen For the CURE with Bloggers on Board

Lately, the Susan G. Komen Foundation has come under some pretty heavy criticism. First, they have been quoted saying, essentially, that they own the color pink. Second, and perhaps more seriously, there have been some questions about just how much money Komen sends to medical research facilities. Is Komen really for the cure?

As if they don’t have enough going on, many women who are fighting breast cancer or who have survived it banded together to get Komen back on track. The amazing efforts of the bloggers and tweets are highlighted by Brenda Coffee in this fantastic post, which also details some of the troubles Komen has encountered. Very interesting post!

Post Title: Breast Cancer Bloggers Use Social Media for Social Change

Originally published at www.breastcancersisterhood.com


  1. Regina says:

    Hello After Breast Cancer I now volunteer in the Breast Cancer community. I did not have a postive liking to SGK. However after some volunteer work with othe cancer organizations SGK provides a treamdous amoutn of dollars for the under served. I have since changed my thoughts about SGK. So many women are benefiting from thier work at least in Colorado.

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