Hey, stop trying to kill cyclists

This post by Gini Dietrich has nothing to do with social media but everything to do with how crazy people can get when they’re in their cars. For Gini, it’s a matter of people running her off the road when she’s biking. For me, it was always people playing dumb games when I was a pedestrian, like slowing down as if they were going to stop and then speeding up as soon as I stepped into the cross walk. People. Are. Crazy.

Post Title: Rules of the Road

Originally published at www.spinsucks.com


  1. Before I went for a ride today, I tweeted, “Dear Chicago motorists, I’m going for a bike ride now. Please behave.” Guess what? IT WORKED! Well, either that or it was early this morning and it’s a holiday. I’m going with the former.

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