On Visiting Arlington Cemetery

Visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and other sites around Washington D.C. is an emotional experience for almost everyone. However, for a former enlisted man, the experience takes on a new dimension, as Raúl Colon found out when he visited Arlington Cemetery a few years ago. It’s hard to remember and believe how young many of the young people are who give their lives in service. It’s also amazing, as Raúl points out, how many of those young people come from Puerto Rico, a place that is not granted all of the same rights as a state. There is a lot to think about in this post.

Honoring the Fallen

If you’re an influencer, don’t get comfortable

Mark Willaman wrote a really interesting post that covers a lot of topics. In particular, I thought his focus on “influential” lists was interesting. Who makes these lists? What are they really about? Are those people really influential or is the list maker just doing them a favor? After performing some tests and experiments, Willaman came to the conclusion that if you do make an “influential” list, you probably won’t stay there long. How you influence people and whether you influence people is perpetually in flux. What does that mean for the buzzwords “online influence?” Weigh in on the post and voice your thoughts!

Fifteen Minutes of Online Influence

SMAC Cancer – A Daughter And Her Mom

If you are in the online world, you my have encountered tales about an amazing woman named Jennifer Windrum. Six years ago, Jennifer’s mom was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. Rather than simply giving in to the depression that can accompany such news, Jennifer started a movement called WTF Cancer – Where’s the Funding. Now, Jennifer has started a more primate-oriented movement. She has created SMAC monkeys (Sock Monkeys Against Cancer). These little guys can be an understanding friend for cancer patients, and Jennifer is also selling them to raise funding for lung cancer research. Check out this post and keep in touch – let’s help Jennifer out.

“SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer” to Launch Soon! Get Your Pledges Ready! Part I