Get Rid of That Twitter DM Spam!

Have you noticed that Twitter spam via direct message is getting kind of out of control? While this may not resonate with people in the year 2015, it’s a huge problem for us Twitter users here in 2011. However, that might already be coming to an end thanks to Sean Malarkey. He has come up with some pretty nifty ways to reclaim your Twitter inbox. Go check out his post and thank him for providing such helpful information!

Post Title: How To Get Rid of DM Spam on Twitter

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How To Make Twitter Work For You

Are you wondering how to find success on the Twitter platform as you wander through the jungle of tweets in an effort to try to grow your business? Wouldn’t it be great if there was one post you could go to that had every single morsel of knowledge you ever could want? Guess what? There is! Jeff Bullas has you all taken care of with one fantastic post. Read, absorb, rinse, repeat, and you’ll be rocking Twitter like the rockingest rockstar you are!

Post Title: How To Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy That Rocks

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You Want Online Success? Ask For It.

I remember when I first started to get the inkling of what Dan Zarrella talks about in this post he wrote for CopyBlogger. I wanted more comments on my blog posts but I wasn’t getting very many, so I decided, out of sheer desperation, to start asking my readers to give a comment or to share their thoughts. You’ll never guess what happened next! People can’t know what you want them to do unless you tell them – you can do this and not tick people off. This post is a fabulous resource for showing you how!

Post Title: Is Your Social Media Strategy Stalling Because You’re Not Doing This One Thing?

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7 Tips for Better Tweets

Leo Widrich understands that it’s hard to write a magnificent thought in just 140 characters. Actually the standing word is that you need to take it down to 120 characters so people have room to retweet you! With that small a space, it’s important to make the most of what you say. But how can you achieve success? Check out these 7 great tips for starters!

Post Title: 7 Killer Tips for Writing Tweets (With One You Won’t Believe)

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do you have to say thank you for retweets

Alan Berkson understands that a lot of people like to be thanked after they retweet your content. After all, they’re exposing your blog post or tweet to their followers, which (assuming their followers are nice) is good stuff. However, what happens so often is that people say thank you to 20 people all at once, and then each of those people retweets the thank you as a way to say you’re welcome…it all gets kind of muddled. Is this really the best way to go?

Post Title: Thanks But…Retweets Revisited

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Beware of the Twitter law book

This is a fascinating post by Cynthia Kahn which Miller Finch tweeted out on Twitter. Cynthia found out the hard way that there are some pretty solid and steadfast rules in the Twitterverse, and if you break them, your account can be put in “Twitter jail” – which may sound funny, but it means you can’t tweet until Twitter puts you on parole. I didn’t know about a lot of these rules. Did you?

Post Title: So, You’ve Been Suspended on Twitter?

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How do you “do” a Twitter chat?

Twitter chats are an excellent way to make Twitter work for you. You can network with and meet people who have similar interests, you can share ideas at lightning speed, and you can also use chats from a business perspective to show your credibility and expertise. However, Twitter chats also often go really fast and they can be a little intimidating. That’s why Sam Fiorella wrote these 12 tips to help you chat on Twitter. Great ideas!

Post Title: 12 Most Helpful Tips For Conversing in a Twitter Chat

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How to curate content on Twitter

This post by Angela Dunn, also known as @blogbrevity, is an excellent resource if you are wondering how to become a curator of content on Twitter. Doing so requires some balance. If you overshare, you run the risk of looking like an RSS feed, especially if you just post content without offering your own insights. On the other hand, if you do it right, you can grow a great community that comes to rely on you for information. Very important concepts in this post.

Are you keeping track of your Twitter progress?

This is a classic Chris Brogan power post that offers 20 ways to audit your Twitter presence. Do you have answers to all of the questions Chris presents? What were your results when you went through these questions?

Post Title: Take a Twitter Audit

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Getting Started on Twitter

This post by Margie Clayman offers a one-month plan on how to get a successful start on Twitter. The first month can be a tough one on Twitter. It’s hard to break through the immense amount of people and get responses to your tweets. These tips will make it all a bit easier for you.

Post Title: 1 Month, 40 Twitter Action Items

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