Google+ Makes Video Podcasting Possible

Rob Jackson of created a video podcast using the Google+ “hangout” feature. This post is also great because Rob offers Google customer feedback on how to build out this great feature, plus you also get “how-to” information!

Post Title: How to Video Podcast Using Google+ Hangouts

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Google+ How-to

Elliot Volkman provides an excellent and informative post that breaks down Google+ for new users. Very helpful!

Post Title: Breaking Down Google+

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Video Tutorial-from WordPress to self-hosted

This post includes a video tutorial about moving from a blog hosted at to a self-hosted site using The process seems easy once you see the steps and what to expect, but going through it for the first time can be a bit nerve-wracking!

Post Title: From to Self-Hosted

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Migration-Pros, cons, and difficulty levels

This post by Amy Andrews (aka Blogging with Amy) is great because a) it’s part of a 3-part series and b) she offers you insight based on how technically savvy you are and how involved you want to get in the migration from blogger to WordPress. She outlines pros and cons of the blogger platform and the WordPress platform too, so if you aren’t convinced you should move yet, check out this post first!

Post Title: Moving from Blogger to WordPress, part 3

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Migrate from Blogger to WordPress Without Losing It!

This lengthy and detailed tutorial is a bit on the advanced side of things, but John Saddington wants to make sure you don’t lose any of your subscribers or Google data. You’ll want to print this out and you’ll also want to read the fantastic comments section, which is a separate tutorial in and of itself!

Post Title: Migrate from Blogger (Blogspot) to WordPress Without Losing SEO, Links

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How to organize your Google Reader

Kristi Hines, known on Twitter as @kikolani, is a tremendous writer and a powerhouse in the Blogosphere. This post about how she uses technology to stay organized and informed illustrates why so many people respect her so much. If you are struggling to keep your Google Reader under control, this post is a great resource for you.

Post Title: How I organize Google Reader for Blog Commenting

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