Steve Jobs And Finding Your True Path In Live

Leave it to Lisa Petrilli to pull the most amazing aspects of Steve Jobs’ Stanford speech, transfer his advice to her own life, and then return to her readers lessons on how they too can get the most out of their lives. That’s a lot to accomplish in one fell swoop, but Lisa does it masterfully. To learn all of these lessons and more, please read this fantastic post!

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How People Are Using The Internet

If you are into research and statistics, this post will have you drooling in no time. Rather than proving that the internet died in 2010 in the wake of mobile, this post, which includes a lot of delectable bits from Pew Research, shows how people from different generations use the internet, why they use the internet, and what kinds of habits they have. Katy Ryan Schamberger does a great job of keeping all of these statistics fascinating, too. So for an opportunity to capture internet usage in the early 21st century, look no further than this post!

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August 2011 A Historical Tech Month

Hillel Fuld does an excellent job of summarizing many of the huge events that happened this month in the tech world. Many of these things, like Google buying Motorola and Steve Jobs resigning from Apple, may well have an impact into the future. This is where it all started. And Mr. Fuld was on vacation! If you want to learn more about these crazy technological developments, check out this post!

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A Tribute to Steve Jobs

People will look back on this era in history and marvel that we had a chance to watch Steve Jobs work. Steve Jobs resigned at Apple because his health is deteriorating – cause at this time is unknown. Unfortunately, people are responding as if he passed away, not as if he left his job. Mitch Joel offers a tribute that is more about Jobs as a person rather than an icon, and it’s a lovely post to read.

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How Can A Marketer Choose What Tactics and Technologies to Use?

Michael Brenner was asked a question that seems simple on the surface. How can marketers know which tactics and which technologies to use? How can that choice be made? The more you think about it, the more you realize what a truly tough question it is. In fact, Michael was so puzzled about this topic that he asked other great minds in the marketing business to help him out. I think you’ll find this post extremely useful as we continue to plow through the fog of rapidly changing and evolving technologies, platforms, and tools. I certainly found this enlightening!

Post Title: Marketing Tools and Technology-How Does A Marketer Decide?

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Three Brand New Audio/Visual Social Media Tools tends to highlight technology just as it is becoming a factor in society. Such is the case with this post by Jennifer Van Grove. Jennifer highlights three new technology platforms that have heavy societal and social media implications, including a social platform for deciding what to watch on television. Side note: I’m wondering if we really are becoming the Borg :) Check out this post for some great information on three little start-ups that could!

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The Effect of Google Rank on Click-Through Rates

If you are into SEO and search, this post will be like the best birthday present ever. Slingshot SEO has extensively studied the relationship between ranking on Google for certain keywords and how those rankings affect click-through rates to that company’s website. This post details how Slingshot SEO established the parameters of their study and what they found. If you are looking at SEO and/or AdWords, this post is a must-read!

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Making Videos on an IPhone

This is a really neat post from Tom Martin, and it defines thinking outside the box. Martin decided he wanted to really explore the capabilities of an iPhone, so he started using his in January to make a new Vlog series, “Talking with Tom.” Also included here is great advice on how to make a video in general. Great stuff!

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Are You Keeping Your WordPress Site Safe?

Ricardo Bueno offers some very important advice on how to protect your WordPress site from hacking and other online dangers. If you have ever been hacked, you know that it can be a huge task to get yourself back up and running. Why risk it? Just follow these suggestions, get the plug-ins, and live a worry-free existence!

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Browsing the Internet in Private

This post by Umar Anjum is truly a great resource if you are wondering how to browse the internet privately. This is useful if you share a computer or if you are browsing at a public place like a library. Not that you should be looking up things that are naughty, but for example, if you want to check your online banking statement, you probably want to make really sure that info doesn’t stay out there for anyone to see (I dig this being an overly cautious person myself). Check out this wide range of internet proxies and browse in peace!

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