What We Are Teaching Little Girls

Carol Roth is understandably flummoxed after seeing advertisements for “loungerie” for young girls. Are incidents like this, shows like Toddlers and Tiaras, and other facets of our society telling little girls that outside beauty matters more than anything else? Are we focusing too much on exterior beauty and not enough on brains and heart? Read Carol’s post over at Huffington Post and voice your opinions!

Post Title: Teach Girls To Be Smart, Not Sexy

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Rap Stars in the Workplace

The only thing I don’t like about this post by Meghan Biro is that it is too darned clever! I don’t know how she came up with all of this. So, as you know, there are all sorts of “personalities” you can end up working with. Well, Meghan not only creates a special rap star persona for those various categories of people, but she also tells you how to deal with those bad seeds. You don’t know if you should laugh your pants off or put your thinking cap on – and that is one tough decision, folks! Check out this great post – I hope you learn AND laugh as much as I did!

Post Title: 12 Most Comon Rap star Personalities You Will Meet in the Workplace and How to Deal

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Star Power Versus Grit: Which is More Powerful?

I love this post by Jason Sokol. It’s a parable, but we don’t know the lesson yet because we don’t know the ending. Jason tells a story of a Little League game. One team has all of the star players and rowdy parents. The other team is like the Bad News Bears, but they work really hard, and the coach encourages his young team to remember that it’s just a game and it’s mean to be fun. The question: Who wins this game? Tell Jason what you think!

Post Title: Little Wins: A Little League Parable

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Trying To Achieve The Work/Life Balance

Lisa Petrilli remembers the days when her dad would come home from work to a yard full of kids playing and dinner just about ready to be served. These days, we’re all lucky if we get home to have something other than fast food for dinner. The work/life balance is well nigh non-existent as we all work too long too often. How does this affect leadership in the modern era? Well, Lisa has the answers for you. This is a great post that I think will resonate with you a great deal!

Post Title: Leadership in the Age of Work-Family Conflict

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Three Brand New Audio/Visual Social Media Tools

Mashable.com tends to highlight technology just as it is becoming a factor in society. Such is the case with this post by Jennifer Van Grove. Jennifer highlights three new technology platforms that have heavy societal and social media implications, including a social platform for deciding what to watch on television. Side note: I’m wondering if we really are becoming the Borg :) Check out this post for some great information on three little start-ups that could!

Post Title: 3 terrific Tools for Social & Mobile Viewing Audiences

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College Students, Graduates, and All – You Are What You Post

This is a great reminder from intern Tonya Kirsten Nelson, who reminds you that while sharing pictures of your rowdy party may be awesome for you and your friends, it isn’t so awesome if you are looking for a job (or even if you are employed already). There have already been stories of people who got fired or not hired because pictures showed up in search (hint: Social networks are not as private as you think they are). If you wouldn’t want your grandparents to hear it or see it, best not to post it at all. Check out this post to learn more!

Post Title: Interns: To Recruiters, You Are What You Post

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An Analogy to Explain the Downgrading of the American Economy

A lot of people like to use the turn of phrase, “from Wall Street to Main Street.” Well, Rufus the Dog takes this one step further (a rather astute doggy he is) and notes that if a family announced that they weren’t going to pay their bills anymore, the credit loan officers and bankers *probably* would downgrade their credit rating. Is it any surprise that the S&P downgraded the US credit rating? Voice your opinion on this perceptive post.

Post Title: The debt ceiling discussion as a household family meeting

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Some Things You Need To Know About Influence

Fred McClimans delves into the tricky world of influence in this post, which outlines five factors that you need to think about not just in the online world but across the broad spectrum of experiences you encounter. From Bono to Steve Jobs, Fred takes you on a journey of exploration into what influence really means, how it works, and what you need to know. Fantastic post!

Post Title: 5 Properties of Influence You Need To Know

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The Key To A Stand-Out Resume

According to Dawn Rasmussen, the key to standing out in a pile of resumes is, believe it or not, keywords! Dawn points out that by using words relevant to the industry, you can show your expertise and stand out from the crowd. If you’re saying, “That’s great, but where can I find keywords like that?” Dawn is one step ahead of you there. This is a fantastic idea captured in a very helpful post.

Post Title: Resume Keywords: The Key to Getting Noticed!

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Looking For A Job? Try Google Plus

This is an interesting take on Google Plus from Erica Swallow, who suggests that Google Plus can be a great destination for people looking for jobs. If you’re skeptical, read this post. Erica walks you through every step. Pretty innovative thinking!

Post Title: How to: Use Google Plus for Your Job Search

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