You Can Take Your Skills With You

What do you get when you combine a Ted Coiné with (our featured blog for October 2011)? A purely awesome post! Ted notes that a lot of people are saying that by the time a person retires, he or she will have gone through six careers. That’s careers, not jobs. To a lot of people, that may seem like a really bad thing. You learn all of those skills and then you have to start from scratch five more times. Not so, says Ted. Rather, he notes that many skills can carry over from career to career. Heck, he has been able to hold on to teaching skills and skills he learned as a waiter/bartender. Want to see how? Read this great post!

Post Title: Many Careers, One You

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Vlog: Aha! The Story of Women With Drive

This is not your typical blog entry here at the Blog Library. First, it’s a vlog instead of a blog, and second, it’s hosted at a pretty corporate website rather than a blog site. However, when I saw that Molly Cantrell-Kraig had posted a video explaining how and why she created Women with Drive, I had to check it out. I’m so glad I did. Molly’s idea, along with her story, is about true passion and a strong desire to improve the world we live in. What could be better than that?

Post Title: Molly’s Aha Moment

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College Students, Graduates, and All – You Are What You Post

This is a great reminder from intern Tonya Kirsten Nelson, who reminds you that while sharing pictures of your rowdy party may be awesome for you and your friends, it isn’t so awesome if you are looking for a job (or even if you are employed already). There have already been stories of people who got fired or not hired because pictures showed up in search (hint: Social networks are not as private as you think they are). If you wouldn’t want your grandparents to hear it or see it, best not to post it at all. Check out this post to learn more!

Post Title: Interns: To Recruiters, You Are What You Post

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The Key To A Stand-Out Resume

According to Dawn Rasmussen, the key to standing out in a pile of resumes is, believe it or not, keywords! Dawn points out that by using words relevant to the industry, you can show your expertise and stand out from the crowd. If you’re saying, “That’s great, but where can I find keywords like that?” Dawn is one step ahead of you there. This is a fantastic idea captured in a very helpful post.

Post Title: Resume Keywords: The Key to Getting Noticed!

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Looking For A Job? Try Google Plus

This is an interesting take on Google Plus from Erica Swallow, who suggests that Google Plus can be a great destination for people looking for jobs. If you’re skeptical, read this post. Erica walks you through every step. Pretty innovative thinking!

Post Title: How to: Use Google Plus for Your Job Search

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How To Nail That Job Interview

Rosa Vargas wrote a very useful “how-to” post for people looking for job. In Hooray! An Interview! Oh No..An Interview, Vargas details what she was looking for when she used to interview job candidates. Having a perfectly polished series of responses wasn’t the answer. Nor was being so nervous that she actually felt sorry for the candidate. What is the special mix of traits you want to exhibit during a job interview? Read this post to find out!

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Using Your Social Media Network To Find A Job

DJ Waldow has been working for and with Blue Sky Factory (an email company) for six years, but because of a merger, Waldow now has to look for employment somewhere else. Rather than lamenting this fact, DJ is looking at this as an opportunity to explore every option. He is also experimenting with using his pull in the world of Social Media to get a job. If you are looking for a job too, read this post and be inspired!

Post Title: Social Media Experiment: Finding A New Job

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50 Twitter Accounts To Follow If You’re Looking For A Job

Mark Babbitt (aka YouTern Mark) does a fantastic job of inspiring, motivating, informing, and supporting people who are currently looking for jobs in this really tough market. Case in point, this list of 50 Twitter accounts you should follow if you are looking for a job. I recognize quite a few names on the list and they are super high quality, so this is a list you definitely want to check out!

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