Sometimes News Can Be Good

There is an overriding feeling, I think, that if you sit down to watch the news, you’d better be prepared to get really bummed out. If you feel that way, you clearly need to hang out with Jim Fierce, who managed to come upon three happy news stories. One has to do with gays in the military, one has to do with race relations, and one…one has to do with blue iguanas. Naturally! Want to see the good news? Check out his post! :)

Post Title: Gays in the Military, Interracial Marriage, and Blue Iguanas

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Trying To Live With The Inexplicable

Recently, Martina McGowan read the story of Marcellus Andrews, a young man who was beaten and kicked to death. We aren’t really sure why this happened to him. Is it because he was gay? Is it because people thought he was gay? Maybe it was because he was Black. Maybe it was all of the above. But we have lost a 19-year-old boy to violence, and stuff like this happens all of the time. What can we do about it? That’s not the first question to ask. As Martina notes, the first question is how we can live our everyday lives knowing stuff like this is happening. Read this post.

Post Title: Lamentations For All Our Lost Boys

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My Ethnicity: All of the Above

I am absolutely delighted at this post by Daria Giron. She writes about how her daughter had to fill out a little registration form and one of the questions was about ethnicity. Her daughter wasn’t sure how to answer the question, and I can relate. My ancestry includes Russian, possibly Turkish, English, Swiss, Irish, Native American, possibly French, possibly German. Is there a “mutt” option? Or, as Daria says, maybe there should be a “Heinz57 option” for ethnicity. It’s a melting pot. Melt it up!

Post Title: A Heinz 57American Bubble on School Forms

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