What is digital influence?

Like so many words and phrases in the online world, “influence” gets bandied about along here in 2012. But what is online influence, exactly? Is it a Klout score? A Kred score? Maybe it’s what PeerIndex says your influence is. And if that’s the case, what is the actual value of how your influence is scored? Super smart person Brian Solis has been studying questions like these for 3 years. He ponders these questions as an introduction to his study for Altimeter, The Rise of Digital Influence. Check out the study, but at the very least, check out this post!

The Pillars of Influence And How To Activate Them In Business

What’s the difference between social media and social business?

David Armano came upon an interesting thread in Google Plus that focused in part on one question – what’s the difference between social media and social business? Armano suggests, as did several other participants in the conversation, that a social business is a combination of web 2.0 and fully integrated marketing, meaning a company is “social” internally and with customers. Do you agree? Why or why not?

Will the Real Social Business Experts Please Stand Up?

How To Create An Online Conversation

Gini Dietrich does not want to hear you talk about how no one is talking about you online. It’s not a problem! See, Gini notes that if no one is talking about you, you have free reign to start the conversation yourself, which many people might find preferable anyway. But how do you get that initial spark lit that will start your fiery conversation? That’s where this post really shines. For some great advice, check out this post!

Post Title: Create An Online Conversation

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Everything You Want To Know About LinkedIn Groups

If you are wondering how to make the most of groups on LinkedIn, or if you’re wondering whether you should start an open group or a closed group, or if you’re wondering about pretty much anything else that has to do with LinkedIn groups, this post by Janet Aronica has got you covered. In easy-to-understand language, Janet outlines pros, cons, and great tips for finding success with your LinkedIn groups. You don’t want to miss this post!

Post Title: 5 Tips For Managing LinkedIn Groups

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Agencies Doing It Right And Wrong in Social Media

Whether you are talking about social media, advertising, PR, or branding, there are two ways that an agency can interact with clients. The right way. The wrong way. When it comes to social media, the right way may not be 100% intuitive for some agency folks. When your client says, “Hey, we want to get started online like now!” the gut instinct may be to say, “OK, let’s get that done.” But in fact, as Olivier Blanchard points out, this approach can do far more harm than good. To read more about doing it right and doing it wrong, check out this fabulous post.

Post Title: A Tale of Two Agency Social Media Models

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Maybe Haters Are Good

In the online world, it’s pretty easy to think that you are the best thing since sliced bread. After all, we get a lot of compliments in the online world, don’t we? We put our thoughts out there, we expose our soft underbelly, and then we look for tweets, comments, and shares. When someone says they don’t like what we have to say, it’s sort of a shock, right? Well, Jon Acuff says it’s good if those “haters” still hurt your feelings. That means you are really investing in what you’re putting out there. Do you agree? Let Jon know!

Post Title: Haters Hurt Your Feelings? Good.

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Will Google Plus Kill Blogs?

Marcy Massura raised quite a lot of eyebrows when, shortly after Google Plus launched, she announced that it was a blog killer. A lot of people had announced that Google Plus would kill Facebook. Some said it would kill Twitter. But blogs? Your home base? Well, Marcy has some pretty good reasoning behind this big statement. Read her post to learn more!

Post Title: Google Plus Is A Blog Killer

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Are You Using Social Media To Listen Or Hear?

Backed with his usual excellent supporting research, Brian Solis notes that while a lot of companies are learning to monitor social media, a lot of them are struggling to actually make use of that information. Some employees aren’t exactly sure what their companies are doing with the information they’re gathering. Some companies aren’t even engaging – they are simply monitoring. Is that still “listening?” This is a thought provoking post and carries heavy ramifications for businesses using or thinking about using social media. Give it a read!

Post Title: The Need for a New LIstening Movement: From monitoring to learning

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Three Underrated Ways Social Media Can Impact You

Jay Baer and Amber Naslund make a big point in The Now Revolution of the fact that a company can get everyone (and I mean everyone) involved in the company’s social media efforts. Jay makes that point again over at the MarketingSherpa blog. While we’ve all heard about social media making a difference for marketing and branding strategies, Jay mentions three other ways that social media can impact you – three ways you might not have thought of. Check it out!

Post Title: Social Media Companies: 3 non-obvious ways social media will impact big companies

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Sexual Harassment Online

This post by A.V. Flox  at Blogher.com is truly a frightening tale. When people can create profiles using your name and picture on sites like OK Cupid, and when the court system is set up not to really engage with those being molested, what can you do to protect yourself? First, know that you are not alone. Second, read this post and get the help you need.

Post Title: Do Social Sites Do Enough To Help People Threatened With Rape and Death?

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