What’s the difference between social media and social business?

David Armano came upon an interesting thread in Google Plus that focused in part on one question – what’s the difference between social media and social business? Armano suggests, as did several other participants in the conversation, that a social business is a combination of web 2.0 and fully integrated marketing, meaning a company is “social” internally and with customers. Do you agree? Why or why not?

Will the Real Social Business Experts Please Stand Up?

Will Google Plus Kill Blogs?

Marcy Massura raised quite a lot of eyebrows when, shortly after Google Plus launched, she announced that it was a blog killer. A lot of people had announced that Google Plus would kill Facebook. Some said it would kill Twitter. But blogs? Your home base? Well, Marcy has some pretty good reasoning behind this big statement. Read her post to learn more!

Post Title: Google Plus Is A Blog Killer

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How Google Plus Can Help Journalists

Martin Bryant has written an extremely interesting post about how Google Plus may become more valuable than Facebook or Twitter…for journalists. Bryant makes the case for Google Plus but goes beyond that to explore how some journalists are already using the new social media platform to enhance the journalistic experience. A well-researched and interesting post and perspective!

Post Title: Can Google+ Beat Twitter and Facebook as a Tool For Journalists?

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Looking For A Job? Try Google Plus

This is an interesting take on Google Plus from Erica Swallow, who suggests that Google Plus can be a great destination for people looking for jobs. If you’re skeptical, read this post. Erica walks you through every step. Pretty innovative thinking!

Post Title: How to: Use Google Plus for Your Job Search

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Is Google Plus Really About Search?

There are a lot of posts about Google Plus floating around right now, but not many are quite like this post by Sean McGinnis. Sean submits that the real deal with Google Plus is that Google is extending, in a natural way, the growth of personalized search. They are extending ways to make revenue off AdWords. It’s a fascinating look at Google Plus and a good reminder that Google Plus is…well…Google!

Post Title: Google Plus is the Social Network That’s All About Search

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Google Plus and Privacy

This post by Adam Toporek is a fantastic synopsis of where privacy is when it comes to Google Plus. Although Toporek is a Google Plus fan, he wants you to remember that even if you create the most private of private circles….you’re still sharing your information with Google, just like you do with your logged-in searches and your gmail account. A lot of great stuff to think about here (and important stuff, too!).

Post Title: Google+ and the Illusion of Privacy

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Why ProBlogger Thinks You Should Try Google Plus

There are few names in the Social Media world that garner more respect that Darren Rowse, so when he says definitively, “Hey, this is good, and here’s why,” I tend to listen. Such is this case with this post about what bloggers can gain from joining Google+. Interestingly, Darren begins by noting that Google+ will not replace his blog – and he explains why he doesn’t recommend that action for anyone. But Darren then goes into more detail about how Google+ can help you as a blogger. Now that’s pretty useful! Check it out!

Post Title: Why Bloggers Should Consider Engaging on Google+

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Your Google Plus Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

So you’ve decided to upload your blog content to Google+? Well, privacy, along with content ownership, are concerns in the early days of this social platform, so here is a great piece of advice – put your profile picture next to content that is yours. Want to learn more? Check out this post by Amit Agarwal!

Post Title: Display Your Profile Picture in Google Next To All Your Blog Articles

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On Platform Building and Body Building

What are you aiming for as you move your Social Media presence from platform to platform? It may feel like you can do the same stuff on Google+ that you can do on Facebook or on Twitter, but is that really true? Ian Rountree suggests that these platform building exercises are different just like body builders are different from competitors in “the world’s strongest man” competition. The more you think about this post, the more awesome and smart and deep it becomes.

Post Title: Platform Differentiation: Body Builders vs. World’s Strongest Man

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There is no talk of Google Plus here

Michael Schechter wants you to know that he has no intention of talking about Google Plus. In fact, he offers ten good reasons why he isn’t going to talk about it. But then he goes into a lot of detail on why Google Plus might just be another scary, bright, shiny new object to be wary of. Great post (and funny!).

Post Title: Ten Reasons I’m Not Going to Talk About Google+

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