Why That Uncomfortable Feeling Is Good For You

You know one of the best things about reading as many blog posts as I do? I’m guaranteed to learn a ton of neat stuff (or realize things) every single day. Such is the case with this post by Lindsay Bell, who notes that the phrase “take the bull by the horns” comes from bullfighting. When it seems like the matador is most likely to be attacked, he literally grabs the bull by the horns to avoid getting lacerated by same. Kind of gives more meaning to that phrase, doesn’t it? And that’s the point of Linday’s post. Being uncomfortable can be good for you because it can really show you what you’re made of! To learn more about how being uncomfortable is actually good for you, read this great post!

Post Title: Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

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How To Write A Book

One thing that’s been really funny about my time in the online world is that a lot of people ask me how I do everything I do in a day. I only find this funny because there are people whom I look up to that do quadruple what I do in any given day. One of those folks is Chris Brogan. Chris has a series called, simply, Writing A Book, and this first post, finding time, is not just great advice for getting a book done. It’s great advice for getting whatever you need to get done done. Check out this post and the rest of the series, too!

Post Title: Writing A Book: Finding Time

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Increase Your Productivity, Not Your Stress Levels

Do you think you could get all of your work done by noon every day? Do you think you could get all of your work done by noon every day without totally stressing yourself out? And if not, and if you think procrastination is a problem, why do you think you procrastinate? These are all great questions that Scott Young discusses over at zenhabits.net. This is a great post about work habits, procrastination, and improving your productivity – and your life. Great post!

Post Title: The Really Simple Way To Get Work Done

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