How To Stay Happy When Plans Fall Through

Robert Burns, Scottish poet extraordinaire, once noted that the best laid plans often don’t quite work out the way we want. Well, he said it in a much nicer way, but you get the jist. The thing is, when plans don’t go our way, we can get really bummed out. We worked hard on that plan! We had hopes and dreams tied to that thing! Well, John Falchetto knows how that can be discouraging, but you need to find a way to deal with these changes in your plans, whether on a small scale or on a huge scale. To read some really excellent advice, check out this great post!

Post Title: Happiness in an unstable environment

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Sometimes You’ve Gotta Let It Be

Oddly enough, I wrote a post with a somewhat similar sentiment right around the time this post of Amber Naslund’s went live, and I hadn’t read hers first. So, there’s bias in favor of the post for you! The main jist of Amber’s finely crafted advice here is that sometimes you can’t control everything. Sometimes you have to actually step back and just kind of let things happen. And we should be okay with that, but just the thought is probably enough to make you itchy. Stop trying to control everything. Take a break. Do what Amber says!

Post Title: Micromanaging Ourselves to Death

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Kicking Butt and Losing Weight

Daria Giron is such an amazing woman. Obviously being a business smarty-pants and a wonderful mom, not to mention a great blogger and a valuable member of the social media world, was not enough for this go-getter. Now she is working hard to lose weight, and she is taking her readers along for the ride. For some great exercise and nutrition ideas, motivation, inspiration, and companionship, check out this great post and hang with Daria on her journey to weight loss!

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Steve Jobs And Finding Your True Path In Live

Leave it to Lisa Petrilli to pull the most amazing aspects of Steve Jobs’ Stanford speech, transfer his advice to her own life, and then return to her readers lessons on how they too can get the most out of their lives. That’s a lot to accomplish in one fell swoop, but Lisa does it masterfully. To learn all of these lessons and more, please read this fantastic post!

Post Title: How To Discover Your True Path In Life

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What Are You Putting In For Success?

Jessica Northey knows a lot about what she calls sweat equity.She has put it in and she works with people who put in what it takes to get the kind of success they want. This post is motivational, but it’s also inspirational. In a phrase – do it your way and get what you want out of life! Read this great post and voice your opinions!

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Stop Stressing About Other People

Craig Morton notes that a lot of the stress we experience in our lives has very little to do with ourselves and a lot more to do with other people. When other people do stuff we don’t like or act in ways we think are inappropriate, it stresses us out. Why is that? It doesn’t really have anything to do with us, right? Craig offers some tips on how to take a few steps back and regain your composure – and lose some of that stress that is coming from your reaction to other people. This is a great post!

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Break These Five Rules Immediately

Srinivas Rao has never been a fan of authority, but he notes that we really are programmed to follow the rules, color within the lines, ask permission, and make sure we don’t ask too many questions. What a bummer, right? In response to this brainwashing, Srinivas provides five rules that you will be happy you broke. Want to know what they are? Well you have to read his post!

Post Title: 5 Rules You Should Start Breaking Today

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Why That Uncomfortable Feeling Is Good For You

You know one of the best things about reading as many blog posts as I do? I’m guaranteed to learn a ton of neat stuff (or realize things) every single day. Such is the case with this post by Lindsay Bell, who notes that the phrase “take the bull by the horns” comes from bullfighting. When it seems like the matador is most likely to be attacked, he literally grabs the bull by the horns to avoid getting lacerated by same. Kind of gives more meaning to that phrase, doesn’t it? And that’s the point of Linday’s post. Being uncomfortable can be good for you because it can really show you what you’re made of! To learn more about how being uncomfortable is actually good for you, read this great post!

Post Title: Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

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It’s OK To Not Know Everything

Dave Fleet offers you solace if you don’t know everything. It’s ok! You don’t have to know everything! In fact, sometimes you get a lot more out of an experience if you listen more, learn more, and wait to spout off your knowledge. Heck, maybe things you think you know aren’t even right. As Dave says, it seems like common sense, but it’s a great reminder. Don’t you think?

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Keeping It Simple

Have you ever looked around your home and realized you just have way too much STUFF? You wonder where it came from. You wonder what it is! Well Cheri Allbritton is right there with you. She and her husband have been working on simplifying their lives and eliminating the clutter. While doing this, Cheri thought of other folks who also excel at the simple. Take a look and see what you can learn from Cheri and these other great people she highlights!

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