Optimizing Your WordPress Blog’s SEO

One aspect of blogging that is more science than art is optimizing your blog site so that it shows up well in search engines. Factually, WordPress itself is set up in such a way that it can actually put you at an SEO disadvantage. Have no fear, however. Sarah Arrow has you covered with very clever tricks on how to optimize your WordPress blog. I’m willing to bet you could adapt some of these tips for other platforms, too. Check out her fabulous and well-explained post!


Post Title: Get more traffic: How to optimise your WordPress blog for SEO #blogging

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Writing Great Content Is Not Enough

So often in the online world, you hear that as a blogger, all you need to do is write great content and everything else will fall into place. If you’re really really lucky, it’s possible that things will shake out that way. However, most of us are not that lucky. This excellent post by Anthony Mangia explains why great content needs to be supplemented by strong SEO strategy, including link building! Read this important and well-written resource!

Post Title: Debunking The “Just Write Great Content” Myth

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Are Content Marketers Missing the Big Picture?

This is an interesting post by SEO thought leader Lee Odden. Lee submits that while a lot of people are talking about content marketing these days, they may only be thinking about the short-term instead of the big picture long-term. How can you make sure your content marketing “has legs”? How can you do that while also maintaining your focus on SEO-rich keywords? As you might expect, Lee has served up some brilliant answers to those questions. Check it out!

Post Title: Social Media & Content Marketing Success: Short & Long Term

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Building B2B Inbound Links

Increasingly, SEO is evolving into a key tool in the marketer’s toolbox, and increasingly, SEO is depending on inbound links more than anything else. For B2B companies, whose customers are starting to make the turn more often to search and social media, building these inbound links is getting to be a really high priority. But how do you do it? Martine Hunters has a whopping 25-item to-do list for you! This is a great resource so check it out and bookmark it!

Post Title: The B2B Inbound Sate of Mind: Build the Brand

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The Effect of Google Rank on Click-Through Rates

If you are into SEO and search, this post will be like the best birthday present ever. Slingshot SEO has extensively studied the relationship between ranking on Google for certain keywords and how those rankings affect click-through rates to that company’s website. This post details how Slingshot SEO established the parameters of their study and what they found. If you are looking at SEO and/or AdWords, this post is a must-read!

Post Title: Mission ImposSERPble: Establishing Click-Through Rates

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Is Google Plus Really About Search?

There are a lot of posts about Google Plus floating around right now, but not many are quite like this post by Sean McGinnis. Sean submits that the real deal with Google Plus is that Google is extending, in a natural way, the growth of personalized search. They are extending ways to make revenue off AdWords. It’s a fascinating look at Google Plus and a good reminder that Google Plus is…well…Google!

Post Title: Google Plus is the Social Network That’s All About Search

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You don’t need no stinkin SEO Reviews!

I love this post title from Debra Leitl of eMentorMarketing. Anyone who can educate about SEO while also referencing Blazing Saddles has my vote! This is an extremely important reminder, however, while also making you chuckle. SEO is always important, even if you have the prettiest, daintiest website around. Great post!

Post Title: You Don’t Need No Stinkin SEO Reviews or Do You?

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50 things to consider about Google Plus

The most epic post I’ve seen so far, and the most interesting! Chris Brogan discusses 50 things to think about when it comes to Google+. He makes some pretty interesting predictions. It’ll be interesting to see how many of them end up being spot on! :)

Post Title: The Google Plus 50

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SEO for bloggers

A lot of bloggers like to just write what comes to mind. They don’t give a lot of thought about keywords, link love, or other important parts of the SEO factor. Josepf Haslam argues that bloggers are really missing the ball, and he offers 12 fantastic SEO tips specifically aimed at bloggers. Fantastic information here!

Post Title: 12 Most Important SEO Tips for #blogchat Bloggers

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The dark side of SEO

Mark Schaefer notes that people engaging in black-hat practices in the world of SEO seem to be winning the battle. The newest problem is that on blog sites, comments are coming in that can evade spam filters, but really all they are is link bait. The only way to get rid of these comments is to a) establish they are fake comments and then b) manually delete them. Is this the way SEO should really be working?

Post Title: Why SEO Disgusts Me

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