A Father’s Tribute To A Son

For many, Memorial Day weekend is about honoring family members who are currently serving. That is the case for Steve Woodruff, whose son David is currently training with the Marines. The mixture of pride, fear, and contemplation is evident in Steve’s post. It’s an important reminder that Memorial Day is not just about those who serve – it’s also about all of the loved ones who surround them.

On Memorial Day

Preparing For a Whole New Way To Live

As some journeys must end, others are just beginning. That is the case for Matt and Annie Browne. Like too many couples have had to experience, Matt and Annie suffered a miscarriage in their first attempt to bring a little Browne into the world. This time, however, all things are going well, and Little Browne is so relaxed that the ultrasound caught a cross-legged pose! Annie and Matt are starting a new site to record their journey (which is kind of like having another baby, as you bloggers know). Follow them along as they prepare for their family to grow!

We’re Pregnant, We Miscarried, We’re Pregnant

The Changing of the Guard

As we grow older, a shift begins to happen in our families. We go from being the baby of the family to the kid crowd. Then we become part of the stinky teenage crowd. The college crowd. The adult crowd. As we go through all of these changes, our loved ones are changing too. Sadly, but inevitably, the old guard passes away as we move closer to understanding where they’re coming from. In this beautiful post, Jack Steiner reflects on the loss of his grandparents, what it means for his family, and what it means for him.

Echoes of the People We Miss

Reflections on a mother/daughter relationship

This powerful post is by Liz Strauss. It is a series of reflections about Liz’s mother, who passed away due to lung cancer when Liz was 26. Liz’s son was 26 at the time she wrote this post, and it made her realize that the path she was on as a smoker could cause the same loss for her son that she had experienced. Liz goes on to recount conversations that helped her better understand her relationship with her mother. Sometimes we need to walk in our parents’ shoes before we can truly understand them.

When my mom died and who saved  my life

When Your Child Feels Different

Brandie McCallum has tried to protect her son, who has Asbergers, from the cruelty of children. But sometimes children understand with their heart, not their heads, that they are not like the kids around them, and it makes them feel sad and confused. Read how Brandie is trying to help her son understand that “special” can be a supremely positive word. Beautiful post!

Post Title: Trying Again

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Is That Old Saying About Absence Making The Heart Grow Fonder True?

I love this post by Nancy Davis. She asks a question that I have often sort of wondered about on the periphery of my brain. There is the old saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” It’s counterpart is “Familiarity breeds contempt.” I have never 100% grasped these sayings. Absence isn’t really noted unless you were already fond of the person, right? And familiarity breeding contempt? Heck, I must have contempt for a lot of people then. See if this post gets you thinking like it got me thinking!

Post Title: Does Absence Really Make the Heart Grow Fonder

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What We Are Teaching Little Girls

Carol Roth is understandably flummoxed after seeing advertisements for “loungerie” for young girls. Are incidents like this, shows like Toddlers and Tiaras, and other facets of our society telling little girls that outside beauty matters more than anything else? Are we focusing too much on exterior beauty and not enough on brains and heart? Read Carol’s post over at Huffington Post and voice your opinions!

Post Title: Teach Girls To Be Smart, Not Sexy

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Trying To Achieve The Work/Life Balance

Lisa Petrilli remembers the days when her dad would come home from work to a yard full of kids playing and dinner just about ready to be served. These days, we’re all lucky if we get home to have something other than fast food for dinner. The work/life balance is well nigh non-existent as we all work too long too often. How does this affect leadership in the modern era? Well, Lisa has the answers for you. This is a great post that I think will resonate with you a great deal!

Post Title: Leadership in the Age of Work-Family Conflict

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When A Child Goes Through The Inexcusable

Sometimes, things happen that you just can’t wrap your brain around. Such was the case for Sara’s four-year-old daughter, who was sexually abused by a teenager. Women have to struggle to get people to believe them when they are victimized in this way – it is something that is deeply sad. But even a four-year-old was not believed initially by the court system. This is her story, and Sara’s. You’ll end this post with tears in your eyes. But you’ll also end with a deep sense of strength and hope.

Post Title: Today I Banish Shame

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The Motherhood Penalty

This is a heckuva powerful post by Dana Theus. She notes that a lot of women are *still* forced to choose between careers and motherhood. Some statistics show that once a woman has a child, she loses track of her career. Theus also notes the equal pay gap that still exists and how difficult it is for women to integrate a full-time family life into a full-time job. If you are struggling with any or all of that, Dana offers you some powerful advice on how to get up and over these perceived (and some real) obstacles. This post is a must-read.

Post Title: How Not To Fall Victim To “The Motherhood Penalty”

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