A Father’s Tribute To A Son

For many, Memorial Day weekend is about honoring family members who are currently serving. That is the case for Steve Woodruff, whose son David is currently training with the Marines. The mixture of pride, fear, and contemplation is evident in Steve’s post. It’s an important reminder that Memorial Day is not just about those who serve – it’s also about all of the loved ones who surround them.

On Memorial Day

World War II, CS Lewis, and Flowers of Remembrance

Join Susan Fox as she goes back in time to imagine being in England during World War II, which is what her father experienced. CS Lewis is offering comfort to the nation via the still rather new medium of radio. There were black-outs, air raids, and all sorts of other horrifying things. Then fast forward in time, to the flowers you place on the grave of one who served. A thought provoking post on many levels.

Memorial Day, Garden of Memories

On Visiting Arlington Cemetery

Visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and other sites around Washington D.C. is an emotional experience for almost everyone. However, for a former enlisted man, the experience takes on a new dimension, as Raúl Colon found out when he visited Arlington Cemetery a few years ago. It’s hard to remember and believe how young many of the young people are who give their lives in service. It’s also amazing, as Raúl points out, how many of those young people come from Puerto Rico, a place that is not granted all of the same rights as a state. There is a lot to think about in this post.

Honoring the Fallen