A Father’s Tribute To A Son

For many, Memorial Day weekend is about honoring family members who are currently serving. That is the case for Steve Woodruff, whose son David is currently training with the Marines. The mixture of pride, fear, and contemplation is evident in Steve’s post. It’s an important reminder that Memorial Day is not just about those who serve – it’s also about all of the loved ones who surround them.

On Memorial Day

World War II, CS Lewis, and Flowers of Remembrance

Join Susan Fox as she goes back in time to imagine being in England during World War II, which is what her father experienced. CS Lewis is offering comfort to the nation via the still rather new medium of radio. There were black-outs, air raids, and all sorts of other horrifying things. Then fast forward in time, to the flowers you place on the grave of one who served. A thought provoking post on many levels.

Memorial Day, Garden of Memories

On Visiting Arlington Cemetery

Visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and other sites around Washington D.C. is an emotional experience for almost everyone. However, for a former enlisted man, the experience takes on a new dimension, as Raúl Colon found out when he visited Arlington Cemetery a few years ago. It’s hard to remember and believe how young many of the young people are who give their lives in service. It’s also amazing, as Raúl points out, how many of those young people come from Puerto Rico, a place that is not granted all of the same rights as a state. There is a lot to think about in this post.

Honoring the Fallen

Preparing For a Whole New Way To Live

As some journeys must end, others are just beginning. That is the case for Matt and Annie Browne. Like too many couples have had to experience, Matt and Annie suffered a miscarriage in their first attempt to bring a little Browne into the world. This time, however, all things are going well, and Little Browne is so relaxed that the ultrasound caught a cross-legged pose! Annie and Matt are starting a new site to record their journey (which is kind of like having another baby, as you bloggers know). Follow them along as they prepare for their family to grow!

We’re Pregnant, We Miscarried, We’re Pregnant

The Changing of the Guard

As we grow older, a shift begins to happen in our families. We go from being the baby of the family to the kid crowd. Then we become part of the stinky teenage crowd. The college crowd. The adult crowd. As we go through all of these changes, our loved ones are changing too. Sadly, but inevitably, the old guard passes away as we move closer to understanding where they’re coming from. In this beautiful post, Jack Steiner reflects on the loss of his grandparents, what it means for his family, and what it means for him.

Echoes of the People We Miss

Reflections on a mother/daughter relationship

This powerful post is by Liz Strauss. It is a series of reflections about Liz’s mother, who passed away due to lung cancer when Liz was 26. Liz’s son was 26 at the time she wrote this post, and it made her realize that the path she was on as a smoker could cause the same loss for her son that she had experienced. Liz goes on to recount conversations that helped her better understand her relationship with her mother. Sometimes we need to walk in our parents’ shoes before we can truly understand them.

When my mom died and who saved  my life

Can we just be friends already?

Bruce Sallan wrote an interesting post about the rancor surrounding political and religious discussions these days. Does it really have to be like that? He found a partner who has a different religious background, but they were able to find enough common ground, and anyway, they love each other. Bruce has learned that if friends disagree, it’s really okay. You can disagree with respect or you can just keep certain topics off the table. What do you think? Can you be friends with someone whose views are radically different from yours? Can you build a family together if you have radically different views? Weigh in!

Friends and Politics

A Mommy is Always A Mommy

Kat Caverly had a tough experience as a child. Her mom was unwell and abuse resulted, but Kat reflects that even worse than that was being separated from her mother. Although there are painful memories, the glorious person Kat has become proves that her mommy was indeed beautiful, just as Kat remembers her. This is a powerful post, one worth thinking about.

My Beautiful Mommy

SMAC Cancer – A Daughter And Her Mom

If you are in the online world, you my have encountered tales about an amazing woman named Jennifer Windrum. Six years ago, Jennifer’s mom was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. Rather than simply giving in to the depression that can accompany such news, Jennifer started a movement called WTF Cancer – Where’s the Funding. Now, Jennifer has started a more primate-oriented movement. She has created SMAC monkeys (Sock Monkeys Against Cancer). These little guys can be an understanding friend for cancer patients, and Jennifer is also selling them to raise funding for lung cancer research. Check out this post and keep in touch – let’s help Jennifer out.

“SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer” to Launch Soon! Get Your Pledges Ready! Part I


The Beauty of Dirty Laundry

A lot of people might cringe when thinking about laundry, but this post by Sharon Greenthal may just change your mind. Sharon traces the growth of her kids, changing times for her family, and many more memories and experiences to her time doing laundry. From folding little baby clothes to just doing her own “empty nest” laundry, Sharon can trace her family’s history by its laundry. It’s a beautiful post!

My Dirty Laundry