Integrated Marketing Versus Social Business: Which Comes First?

Geoff Livingston writes a compelling post asking a question I have yet to see anywhere else. That question is whether companies will embrace fully integrated marketing before they embrace the idea of social business, which is a buzz phrase these days. Geoff notes that a lot of companies still haven’t even tackled social media as a marketing tactic, so the chances of them changing their entire culture seem rather slim. What are your thoughts? Let Geoff know!

What Comes First, Multichannel Integration or Social Business?

How To Create An Online Conversation

Gini Dietrich does not want to hear you talk about how no one is talking about you online. It’s not a problem! See, Gini notes that if no one is talking about you, you have free reign to start the conversation yourself, which many people might find preferable anyway. But how do you get that initial spark lit that will start your fiery conversation? That’s where this post really shines. For some great advice, check out this post!

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A Study Of The Netflix Apology

One day, people may look back on the name Netflix (or any other businesses that stem off of the split between the DVD and live streaming business) and wonder what it was all about. You went to the trouble of getting round disks with entertainment mailed to you? Then you paid for that content to be streamed on your computer, which then you could plug in to your television via something called an X-Box? Boy, how antiquated. But for now, it all seems pretty fresh, and a lot of people are viewing it as a fresh wound. The apology from Netflix regarding the price hikes and how the news was handled doesn’t seem to be much of a band-aid either, at least according to Gini Dietrich. What do you think about how Netflix handled this whole situation?

Post Title: Netflix: A Lesson in Communication and What Not To Do

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Hey Marketers, Got Twitter?

Steve Olenski offers some of the best statistical proof I’ve seen that Twitter really is important for marketers. It’s no longer just a nasty rumor! Among the advantages he points out are the opportunities to interact with customers and prospects, brevity in the messages, and hey, it’s mobile! For more information and great research data, check out this post!

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Be A Content Marketing Dandelion

There are two great things about this post from Jay Baer. First, the advice he gives about content marketing is 100% spot on. Second, the format he uses, which he calls a “webinine” (a short, 9 minute webinar) is pretty darned brilliant. The next time you have 9-10 minutes to spare, check out this great post and presentation!

Post Title: Don’t Be A Content Marketing Grinch

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12 Really Clever Guerilla Marketing Techniques

Sam Fiorella is  fan of Social Media, but he thinks maybe, just maybe, marketers are limiting themselves by focusing so much on this one channel. To prove his point, Sam illustrates 12 absolutely amazing guerilla marketing techniques that have been used around the world. This post shows that marketing is not dead or even mortally wounded. People just need to think outside the box!

Post Title: 12 Most Clever Guerilla Marketing Campaigns

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Are Content Marketers Missing the Big Picture?

This is an interesting post by SEO thought leader Lee Odden. Lee submits that while a lot of people are talking about content marketing these days, they may only be thinking about the short-term instead of the big picture long-term. How can you make sure your content marketing “has legs”? How can you do that while also maintaining your focus on SEO-rich keywords? As you might expect, Lee has served up some brilliant answers to those questions. Check it out!

Post Title: Social Media & Content Marketing Success: Short & Long Term

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Building B2B Inbound Links

Increasingly, SEO is evolving into a key tool in the marketer’s toolbox, and increasingly, SEO is depending on inbound links more than anything else. For B2B companies, whose customers are starting to make the turn more often to search and social media, building these inbound links is getting to be a really high priority. But how do you do it? Martine Hunters has a whopping 25-item to-do list for you! This is a great resource so check it out and bookmark it!

Post Title: The B2B Inbound Sate of Mind: Build the Brand

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How Can A Marketer Choose What Tactics and Technologies to Use?

Michael Brenner was asked a question that seems simple on the surface. How can marketers know which tactics and which technologies to use? How can that choice be made? The more you think about it, the more you realize what a truly tough question it is. In fact, Michael was so puzzled about this topic that he asked other great minds in the marketing business to help him out. I think you’ll find this post extremely useful as we continue to plow through the fog of rapidly changing and evolving technologies, platforms, and tools. I certainly found this enlightening!

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How to Use QR Codes the Right Way

Nate Riggs notes that in 2010, QR codes were just starting to catch on. Now, they seem to be going haywire. However, as with any bright and shiny new object, some people are stuffing QR codes wherever they may fit, and that’s just not going to work in the long run. In addition to providing some really interesting statistics about QR code usage, Nate provides 6 tips on how to use QR codes for maximum effectiveness. This is a great post!

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