Do you call yourself an expert?

Part of feeling worthy and acting worthy is not being afraid to state your worthiness. There are ways to do this that don’t extend into being a braggart or a jerk. It can be a fine line, however, especially in the online world where people don’t know you except for what you write. They can’t always hear the intonation in your voice. They can’t imagine your facial expressions. Because of this, words like “expert” can become tricky. Stanford Smith says that if you are an expert, you shouldn’t be timid about it. Do you agree?

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What Passion And Discipline Can Do For You

Joe Williams opens this post by describing how the team that saved Chilean miners from an underground purgatory envisioned their success. They had a deep and unyielding passion, first of all. How could you not when lives are on the line? But they also brought with them a strongly disciplined core that helped them make their passion a reality. How can passion and discipline help other people succeed in very different scenarios? How are passion and discipline helping the space program, for example? Read this thought provoking post!

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Where Leadership and Social Good Intersect

Have you ever noticed that some of the strongest leaders online are also some of the most engaged in charitable causes and social good? According to Daniel Newman, it’s not a coincidence. The traits that make a good leader are the same ones that drive people to engage in acts that better humanity at large. For more on this excellent connection between leadership and doing good, read this fine post!

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How Can You Motivate Reluctant Team Members?

Kevin Eikenberry was asked how a leader could get under-performing members of a team into shape. The gut reaction of a leader is to think, “Maybe they aren’t comfortable in their role” or “Maybe my training isn’t good enough.” Kevin isn’t so sure about that. He suggests that maybe you need to find out what the reluctant team members are thinking. Why don’t they want to do the work? Maybe they feel like they are being shut out of the process by other team members. How would you deal with this situation? Let Kevin know!

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Rap Stars in the Workplace

The only thing I don’t like about this post by Meghan Biro is that it is too darned clever! I don’t know how she came up with all of this. So, as you know, there are all sorts of “personalities” you can end up working with. Well, Meghan not only creates a special rap star persona for those various categories of people, but she also tells you how to deal with those bad seeds. You don’t know if you should laugh your pants off or put your thinking cap on – and that is one tough decision, folks! Check out this great post – I hope you learn AND laugh as much as I did!

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Trying To Achieve The Work/Life Balance

Lisa Petrilli remembers the days when her dad would come home from work to a yard full of kids playing and dinner just about ready to be served. These days, we’re all lucky if we get home to have something other than fast food for dinner. The work/life balance is well nigh non-existent as we all work too long too often. How does this affect leadership in the modern era? Well, Lisa has the answers for you. This is a great post that I think will resonate with you a great deal!

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Why Mr. Spock is Not A Good Leadership Role Model

There are a lot of advantages to knowing a whole lot about something. One of them is that you can do what Terry St. Marie (aka Starbucker) did in this post explaining how important communication is for leaders in the workplace. See, Terry thinks that some leaders think their knowledge can just be passed on like a Vulcan mind meld. Yeah, it doesn’t quite work. Instead of guessing, you need to make sure you are using your mouth (or your fingers if you’re typing) to pass along what you know. A great analogy helps make this a fabulous post!

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Some Things You Need To Know About Influence

Fred McClimans delves into the tricky world of influence in this post, which outlines five factors that you need to think about not just in the online world but across the broad spectrum of experiences you encounter. From Bono to Steve Jobs, Fred takes you on a journey of exploration into what influence really means, how it works, and what you need to know. Fantastic post!

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Why Not Let Yourself Think Big?

How many times have you done something great or had something great happen to you only to think, “Oh man, do I deserve this? Am I worthy?” Craig Morton notes that too often, we are scared off by our own potential. We run away from it rather than embrace it. Why? Maybe we have a self-esteem problem or maybe we’re worried we’ll come across as braggarts. Maybe we’re worried we’ll make other people feel bad. Morton suggests that sharing is the way to growth. Shrinking happens when you don’t let your light shine. Chew on this post and see where you end up on the issue.

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are you positively leading?

This post by Kevin Eikenberry is an important reminder about something that may seem simple at first glance – if you are in a leadership position, a positive attitude really really helps. That doesn’t mean that you can never get down. That doesn’t mean that you have to like or love everything everyone does all of the time. But it does mean that people look to you to set the energy level for the day. They look to you to set the tone for everyone else. Are you taking that responsibility seriously? Get a good gut-check from this post!

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