How Google Plus Can Help Journalists

Martin Bryant has written an extremely interesting post about how Google Plus may become more valuable than Facebook or Twitter…for journalists. Bryant makes the case for Google Plus but goes beyond that to explore how some journalists are already using the new social media platform to enhance the journalistic experience. A well-researched and interesting post and perspective!

Post Title: Can Google+ Beat Twitter and Facebook as a Tool For Journalists?

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The Best Way To Get A Blogger To Write Angrily About You

Jonathan Fields tends to write things that make a lot of sense, and he tends to write sensible things in a great, easy-to-understand way. Therefore, it is not surprising that a lesson from Fields about how NOT to pitch bloggers and the media is one that will really stick with you. There are ways to approach people, and you see over and over again, from different bloggers, exactly how not to do it. Check out this post!

Post Title: Pitch Trainwrecks: How Not to Pitch Bloggers and Media

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Getting To Know You (My Reporter)

This is an informative post from Cece Salomon-Lee, who notes that before starting to engage with a reporter (or a subject, on the flip side of things), getting to know more about that person is really important. Is your pitch going to be of interest to him or her? What other stuff have they written? Where are they writing? To learn three ways to get to know a reporter better, read this post!

Post Title: Get To Know Your Reporter Better – Three Tips

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Are Bloggers And Journalists The Same?

Justin Goldsborough may ruffle a few feathers with this post, because it’s a sensitive subject and he speaks his mind (succinctly I might add). Truthfully, the worlds of PR, journalism, and blogging are merging and it’s hard to keep your balance. But are bloggers and journalists really the same? Voice your thoughts on this post!

Post Title: Are Bloggers And Journalists The Same?

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About HARO And How It Can Help You

This is a fantastic post by Marian Schembari regarding the HARO website. HARO stands for “Help a Reporter Out.” I’ve heard a lot about HARO over the last few months especially but never really understood what was going on over there or how it really worked. Marian does a great job of offering you tips and tricks, the advantages, and how to help HARO help you. Great post!

Post Title: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About HARO

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Social Media and the Journalist

Debbi Morello, forever a journalist at heart, talks about the new intersection between Social Media and journalism – and what it could mean to both.

Post Title: Social Media and the Journalist

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