Rap Stars in the Workplace

The only thing I don’t like about this post by Meghan Biro is that it is too darned clever! I don’t know how she came up with all of this. So, as you know, there are all sorts of “personalities” you can end up working with. Well, Meghan not only creates a special rap star persona for those various categories of people, but she also tells you how to deal with those bad seeds. You don’t know if you should laugh your pants off or put your thinking cap on – and that is one tough decision, folks! Check out this great post – I hope you learn AND laugh as much as I did!

Post Title: 12 Most Comon Rap star Personalities You Will Meet in the Workplace and How to Deal

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Where Does This Medical Research Come From?

One thing you can always count on if you know Molly D Campbell – she will ALWAYS do two things. She will make you laugh like a hyena, and she will make you look at some facet of life in a way you never did before. Such is the case with the post she wrote called, simply, Dental Floss. Apparently, research indicates that using dental floss reduces the risk for heart attack. Now, who figured that out? How did they even get the idea to study that? And how long did they have to do that research? Crazy stuff. Check out this post for a big belly laugh.

Post Title: Dental Floss

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Hilarious Things You Can Do On Twitter

For all of the serious talk about how to use Twitter for business, sometimes you can find some pretty silly uses for it too. That’s what Mark Schaefer discovered, and he wrote about his findings so that we could learn about some great ways to use Twitter too…like seeing tweets from lactating cows, for example. Who wouldn’t want to do that? :)

Post Title: The 20 Craziest Things You Can Do on Twitter

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Why So Many Famous Writers Drank

This is a pretty funny post by Elspeth Antonelli. In it, she writes about 10 reasons that writers drink. It has very little to do with angst, per se, and much more to do with the insanely difficult job of, well, writing. It’s always harder than it seems, isn’t it? For a chuckle, check out this post!

Post Title: 10 Reasons Why Writers Might Drink

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6 great ways to be anti-social on social media sites

So I’m classifying this under humor because it’s extremely funny, but the advice is also great for anyone in the social media world. In this post, Lisa Barone puts certain Social Media patterns of behavior under the microscope, and boy do some of them look ugly when she’s done with them! Read this post and make sure you aren’t doing any of these things!

Post Title: 6 Ways to Lose Customers, Credibility & Friends on Social Media

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Gamifying your employees’ experience at work

This hilarious video by Lane Severson shows what can happen when you take the concept of “gamification” a bit too far. Then again, awarding your employees badges so that they feel like they’re playing instead of working doesn’t sound ALL that crazy…Hmm…!

Post Title: Gamifi-frickin-cation

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Are you sure you’re being serious enough online?

This VERY tongue-in-cheek post from Amber Naslund is so beautifully sarcastic it’s almost possible to think SHE is being serious. But she’s not. And while you’re laughing, you’ll realize there’s a lot of food for thought here. For example, how important is it, really, to be serious all of the time? The answers may surprise you if you’re new to the online world.

Post Title: PSA: Remember, Social Media is Serious Business

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All Stats Are Made of Numbers

Normally, when a person writes a guest post for a site, they try to match the blogger’s tonality. They get bogged down in what the audience is used to and things like that. Don’t get me wrong. That’s all very important. But boy is it refreshing when someone breaks the mold as Jeff Rohrs did with this hilarious post (which has very little to do with statistics or numbers, by the way). Check it out for a good chuckle!

Post Title: 100% of Marketing Stats are Made of Numbers

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