Reflections on a mother/daughter relationship

This powerful post is by Liz Strauss. It is a series of reflections about Liz’s mother, who passed away due to lung cancer when Liz was 26. Liz’s son was 26 at the time she wrote this post, and it made her realize that the path she was on as a smoker could cause the same loss for her son that she had experienced. Liz goes on to recount conversations that helped her better understand her relationship with her mother. Sometimes we need to walk in our parents’ shoes before we can truly understand them.

When my mom died and who saved  my life

SMAC Cancer – A Daughter And Her Mom

If you are in the online world, you my have encountered tales about an amazing woman named Jennifer Windrum. Six years ago, Jennifer’s mom was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. Rather than simply giving in to the depression that can accompany such news, Jennifer started a movement called WTF Cancer – Where’s the Funding. Now, Jennifer has started a more primate-oriented movement. She has created SMAC monkeys (Sock Monkeys Against Cancer). These little guys can be an understanding friend for cancer patients, and Jennifer is also selling them to raise funding for lung cancer research. Check out this post and keep in touch – let’s help Jennifer out.

“SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer” to Launch Soon! Get Your Pledges Ready! Part I


Komen For the CURE with Bloggers on Board

Lately, the Susan G. Komen Foundation has come under some pretty heavy criticism. First, they have been quoted saying, essentially, that they own the color pink. Second, and perhaps more seriously, there have been some questions about just how much money Komen sends to medical research facilities. Is Komen really for the cure?

As if they don’t have enough going on, many women who are fighting breast cancer or who have survived it banded together to get Komen back on track. The amazing efforts of the bloggers and tweets are highlighted by Brenda Coffee in this fantastic post, which also details some of the troubles Komen has encountered. Very interesting post!

Post Title: Breast Cancer Bloggers Use Social Media for Social Change

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