World War II, CS Lewis, and Flowers of Remembrance

Join Susan Fox as she goes back in time to imagine being in England during World War II, which is what her father experienced. CS Lewis is offering comfort to the nation via the still rather new medium of radio. There were black-outs, air raids, and all sorts of other horrifying things. Then fast forward in time, to the flowers you place on the grave of one who served. A thought provoking post on many levels.

Memorial Day, Garden of Memories

Great Tips For New Gardeners

This little slideshow by Blythe Copeland is not only pretty to look at, but it also offers you great advice (or reminders) if you’re wanting to test the green-ness of your thumb. Check it out to get 10 ideas on must-have products and how to use them!

Post Title: Sustainable Garden Starter Kit: 10 Must-Have Products for the New Green Grower

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The ups and downs of rose pruning

I’ve always heard that taking care of roses is extremely time-consuming and difficult. I’ve been tempted on various occasions to try it out (because let’s face it, the rewards are amazing), but the lack of knowledge I have has always scared me away. The first post I read that offered solid “how to” information is this post by Susan Fox. In her characteristic style, Susan makes rose pruning seem entirely doable.

Post Title: Rose Pruning the Rite of Spring

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