Do you call yourself an expert?

Part of feeling worthy and acting worthy is not being afraid to state your worthiness. There are ways to do this that don’t extend into being a braggart or a jerk. It can be a fine line, however, especially in the online world where people don’t know you except for what you write. They can’t always hear the intonation in your voice. They can’t imagine your facial expressions. Because of this, words like “expert” can become tricky. Stanford Smith says that if you are an expert, you shouldn’t be timid about it. Do you agree?

Call Yourself an Expert If –

Iterate Your Way To Success

This post focuses primarily on how to improve an e-newsletter bit by bit, but Christopher Penn’s lesson can be applied to anything you do in life. If you begin anything you do with the idea that it can be improved, criticism no longer becomes criticism – it becomes a guide that will help you get better and better. How can you apply this excellent lesson to your life, where you are right now?

Iterate to Success

Thoughts on Worthiness

Why do people who are extremely successful, people like Cobain and Jackson, take their own lives? William Paisley believes that this happens because people don’t feel they are worthy of their success. They do not feel they deserve the good things they have, and therefore they look for ways to make themselves miserable. At the same time, people like Bill Gates and Donald Trump feel they are worthy of their successes, and hence their accomplishments do not destroy them. As Paisley says, worthiness can be the best feeling while unworthiness can be the worst. However, everyone is just as worthy as everyone else. Are you valuing your worth enough? This is a great reminder.

Worthiness – where it all begins!

Only you are holding you back

When we achieve what we are after, we like to take 100% of the credit. We did everything ourselves. Nobody helped us. If something doesn’t go our way, or if we fail, we like to say, “Well, the odds were against me” or “Oh, that’s so and so’s fault.” You know the drill. Success is always ours. Failure, or a delay in success? That’s somebody else’s fault. Well, Anthony Iannarino says that if you want to achieve everything you want to achieve, you have to take 100% credit and 100% blame. If you let even 1% of your experience depend upon other people, you’re just holding yourself back. This post kicks your butt and gives you a lot to think about.

The Real 1% Holding You Back

It’s More Than Smelling the Roses

Only Kaarina Dillabough could write an entire post that revolves around the word remarkable. She knows of what she speaks! In this post, Kaarina reminds us that sometimes the old and the new can combine to create one full picture. Dead leaves with living ones, a fresh fence held with rusty wire. These are things that show the contrast in life. They are, as Kaarina says, remarkable. Have you taken the time to absorb the light that is getting through the cracks? Start by reading this fabulous post!

Post Title: Do You Heed the Remarkable?

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What Are You Putting In For Success?

Jessica Northey knows a lot about what she calls sweat equity.She has put it in and she works with people who put in what it takes to get the kind of success they want. This post is motivational, but it’s also inspirational. In a phrase – do it your way and get what you want out of life! Read this great post and voice your opinions!

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What Passion And Discipline Can Do For You

Joe Williams opens this post by describing how the team that saved Chilean miners from an underground purgatory envisioned their success. They had a deep and unyielding passion, first of all. How could you not when lives are on the line? But they also brought with them a strongly disciplined core that helped them make their passion a reality. How can passion and discipline help other people succeed in very different scenarios? How are passion and discipline helping the space program, for example? Read this thought provoking post!

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Sometimes News Can Be Good

There is an overriding feeling, I think, that if you sit down to watch the news, you’d better be prepared to get really bummed out. If you feel that way, you clearly need to hang out with Jim Fierce, who managed to come upon three happy news stories. One has to do with gays in the military, one has to do with race relations, and one…one has to do with blue iguanas. Naturally! Want to see the good news? Check out his post! :)

Post Title: Gays in the Military, Interracial Marriage, and Blue Iguanas

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Your Job Isn’t Your Life’s Work

Thus writes Laura Click, who reflects on the loss of her husband’s mentor along with four other people she knew who left this world too young. When great people are lamented, it is not the hours of paperwork they did that people talk about. Rather, it’s their laugh, something funny they did, how they lived, and how they loved. Read Laura’s great post and take a moment to make sure you aren’t just working, but that you’re working on living.

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Musings on September

I’m biased towards September because it’s my birthday, so I of course would love any post dedicated to this fine month. However, even if I didn’t carry that bias, this post about the transitioning days of September by Kneale Mann is a beautiful one. Sure, summer may be going away and school is back in session, but there are nice things about these days of September too. Read this pretty post and tell Kneale your thoughts!

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