Do you call yourself an expert?

Part of feeling worthy and acting worthy is not being afraid to state your worthiness. There are ways to do this that don’t extend into being a braggart or a jerk. It can be a fine line, however, especially in the online world where people don’t know you except for what you write. They can’t always hear the intonation in your voice. They can’t imagine your facial expressions. Because of this, words like “expert” can become tricky. Stanford Smith says that if you are an expert, you shouldn’t be timid about it. Do you agree?

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Writing Great Content Is Not Enough

So often in the online world, you hear that as a blogger, all you need to do is write great content and everything else will fall into place. If you’re really really lucky, it’s possible that things will shake out that way. However, most of us are not that lucky. This excellent post by Anthony Mangia explains why great content needs to be supplemented by strong SEO strategy, including link building! Read this important and well-written resource!

Post Title: Debunking The “Just Write Great Content” Myth

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How To Write A Book

One thing that’s been really funny about my time in the online world is that a lot of people ask me how I do everything I do in a day. I only find this funny because there are people whom I look up to that do quadruple what I do in any given day. One of those folks is Chris Brogan. Chris has a series called, simply, Writing A Book, and this first post, finding time, is not just great advice for getting a book done. It’s great advice for getting whatever you need to get done done. Check out this post and the rest of the series, too!

Post Title: Writing A Book: Finding Time

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To Blog Every Day Or Not To Blog Every Day-That’s the Question

Mitch Joel ponders the advantages of blogging every day. When you tell a new blogger – company or person – that they need to create content every day, that can seem really overwhelming. On the other hand, as Mitch points out, there are so many advantages to blogging every day (if you do it right) that it’s a risk not to stretch yourself. Where do you fall on this issue?

Post Title: The Most Overrated Piece of Blogging Advice I’ve Ever Heard

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Finding Work That’s Play – The Secret To Blogging

I love this concept from Jeff Bullas. Often he is asked “What should I write about?” or “How do I become a successful blogger?” To Jeff’s mind, the secret is to find something you love, something that’s fun to write about. If blogging feels like a chore, you will struggle with it, most likely. If you look forward to writing your next blog because you are writing about stuff you enjoy, it can be a breeze (well, at least the writing part). How do you find work that’s play in life or when it comes to your blogging routine? Let Jeff know!

Post Title: The Secret Behind Every Successful Blogger

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The importance of the “about us” page

Debra Leitl of does a great job of outlining why the “about” page on a website is so important and how to write the content for that page so that it explains your site, keeps people interested, and offers a measure of depth to your other pages. This is an excellent and detailed post.

Post Title: Create a Compelling About Us Page

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