Iterate Your Way To Success

This post focuses primarily on how to improve an e-newsletter bit by bit, but Christopher Penn’s lesson can be applied to anything you do in life. If you begin anything you do with the idea that it can be improved, criticism no longer becomes criticism – it becomes a guide that will help you get better and better. How can you apply this excellent lesson to your life, where you are right now?

Iterate to Success

When Customer Service Goes Wrong

Let’s face it – sometimes customer service does not go as planned. Customers become unhappy. They complain. They want their problems to be fixed, and immediately, too. This is often labeled as one of the greatest fears for companies considering the idea of marketing via social media platforms. However, negative customer service experiences can actually lead to better, deeper relationships in the long run. Erin Verbeck explains how in this post.

How to overcome mistakes in your small business

For Good Customer Service, See Troubleshooting

In an ideal world, customer service would just be checking in on people, making sure all is well, and offering to take them out to dinner when you’re in town. As any business person knows, however, customer service is more a problem solving game than a make-nice game. In order to keep your customers happy, you have to know how to troubleshoot a multitude of problems. How can you do that? Rachel Miller has some excellent tips on how to evaluate the problem and then get it solved. What would you add to her tips?

The Role of Consistency in Professional Support – Part 2: Troubleshoot Skills

60 ways to build influence

Back in 2010, before Klout was even an apple in anyone’s eye, Hubspot hosted what it called The Influencer Project. Sixty people offered a one-minute explanation of how they recommended you build influence online. It’s pretty interesting to see how people were talking about influence before Klout and Kred were in the picture. This post is a great resource to return to now and then. Who can believe that 2010 is already “the good old days?”

60 Ways to Increase Your Influence Online

Social Value = Social Business?

Neil Hopkins writes about a concept called Social Value. This is the idea that companies can create value for their communities by giving them something additional. In turn, the customers are going to be more willing to interact with the company, perhaps to the point of helping the company market its products and services or even assist in some R&D.

Is this the core of social business, or is this simply 21st century business common sense? Weigh in!

Share This; (Or How Business Should Renetwork)

How To Prevent A Red-Sox Like Collapse In Your Business

If you are a Boston Red Sox fan, the 2011 season will be etched in your memory as one of the most disappointing endings ever. The Sox didn’t even make the playoffs! On the upside, Steve Scott took the opportunity to create a really useful resource on how to prevent a complete collapse in your internet business. From backing up your WordPress database to making sure you diversify, Steve has some great advice for you. If you want to avoid crying like Big Papi, you best read this post!

Post Title: How To Prevent a “Red Sox Collapse” with your Internet Business

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The Ins and Outs of Cash Flow Projections

Do you think you can wait to worry about cash flow until you have sales coming in? You are asking for big trouble if that’s your philosophy, notes Nicole Fende. While working on cash flow projects may rival only tax forms on a fun scale, Nicole builds a powerful case here for why you need to take the time to measure what’s coming in and what’s going out. The time spent up front could save you time and money down the road!

Post Title: Cash Flow Projections: Villain or Secret Weapon?

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What Are You Putting In For Success?

Jessica Northey knows a lot about what she calls sweat equity.She has put it in and she works with people who put in what it takes to get the kind of success they want. This post is motivational, but it’s also inspirational. In a phrase – do it your way and get what you want out of life! Read this great post and voice your opinions!

Post Title: Sweat Equity

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Why Shiny Object Syndrome Is Dangerous For Entrepreneurs

Catherine Morgan knows how persistent SOS can be. That’s SOS as in Shiny Object Syndrome. While being inquisitive and curious can be really good, if you are struggling to get your business off the ground, SOS can actually be a big obstacle in the way of your company’s growth. Now why is that? Read this great post to find out!

Post Title: Do you suffer from SOS (Or Shiny Object Syndrome)?

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Passion Is Not All You Need

When you talk about entrepreneurship, all you hear is passion passion passion. You need to have passion for what you’re doing. Passion makes the world go around. Etc etc. Well, Mike Michalowicz says that’s all okay when you first get started, but after awhile, your passion can actually end up blinding you to what your customers are saying. Don’t believe me? Read his post!

Post Title: Why Being Passionate About What You Do Can Be Extremely Dangerous

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