Do you call yourself an expert?

Part of feeling worthy and acting worthy is not being afraid to state your worthiness. There are ways to do this that don’t extend into being a braggart or a jerk. It can be a fine line, however, especially in the online world where people don’t know you except for what you write. They can’t always hear the intonation in your voice. They can’t imagine your facial expressions. Because of this, words like “expert” can become tricky. Stanford Smith says that if you are an expert, you shouldn’t be timid about it. Do you agree?

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Starting A Corporate Blog – Made Easy

Jeremy Victor is taking you to school. To Corporate Blogging 101 that is. If you are thinking about starting a corporate blog, this post does an excellent job of outlining everything you need to do and even recommending the order in which you should do it! While Jeremy primarily blogs in the B2B sector, this information is valuable for anybody. Check it out!

Post Title: Corporate Blogging 101 – An Introduction To Planning Your Blog’s Content

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Writing Great Content Is Not Enough

So often in the online world, you hear that as a blogger, all you need to do is write great content and everything else will fall into place. If you’re really really lucky, it’s possible that things will shake out that way. However, most of us are not that lucky. This excellent post by Anthony Mangia explains why great content needs to be supplemented by strong SEO strategy, including link building! Read this important and well-written resource!

Post Title: Debunking The “Just Write Great Content” Myth

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How To Optimize Your Blog’s Engagement

Everyone has different objectives for their blogs and different ways of getting there. With that in mind, Debra Letil of eMentorMarketing decided to set out some basic guidelines that will help you get your readers more engaged with you and your content. No matter what your goal, keeping the interest of your readers is darned helpful! Bookmark this post because it’s a great resource!

Post Title: How To Engage Your Blog’s Target Audience

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The World’s Best Blog

Looking for pointers on how to blog for business? According to Jeff Bullas, you need look no further than the Southwest Airlines blog. Even though the airline industry often has to deal with customers at their most stressed, Southwest, according to Jeff, has made their blog user and customer friendly. Want to see how they did it? Read his post!

Post Title: Is This The World’s Best Company Blog?

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How Can A Blog Help You Market Your Business?

This is a fantastic post by Kenny Rose analyzing how a blog can help you market and/or grow your company. Kenny acknowledges that there is a lot of “noise” out there, but he also walks you through how to cut right on through that noise to get yourself and your message heard. If you are struggling with blogging or if you aren’t sure how blogging could help your company, this post is a must-read.

Post Title: How To Use Your Blog To Market Your Service Or Business

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the balance between generosity and making money

This is one of the most common problems people face now in the online world. When you first start creating content on social media platforms, the big thing you hear is “give to get.” The other big thing you hear is “people don’t want to be sold stuff.” As Chris Garrett points out, this can result in really great things for your followers or subscribers, but no money for you.  How can you balance generosity with making money? Read this post!

Post Title: Is Generosity Killing Your Business?

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Blog because you need to talk to your customers

Mack Collier has a problem making waffles. He knows it’s his fault, but he wanted to talk to Black & Decker about their waffle iron anyway, and he found that while they do have a blog, all comments are turned off. Why does this pose a problem for your blog, your business and your customers? Mack has the answers for you.

Post Title: You Need A Company Blog Because Your Customer (thinks he) Is Always Right

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