Do you call yourself an expert?

Part of feeling worthy and acting worthy is not being afraid to state your worthiness. There are ways to do this that don’t extend into being a braggart or a jerk. It can be a fine line, however, especially in the online world where people don’t know you except for what you write. They can’t always hear the intonation in your voice. They can’t imagine your facial expressions. Because of this, words like “expert” can become tricky. Stanford Smith says that if you are an expert, you shouldn’t be timid about it. Do you agree?

Call Yourself an Expert If –

60 ways to build influence

Back in 2010, before Klout was even an apple in anyone’s eye, Hubspot hosted what it called The Influencer Project. Sixty people offered a one-minute explanation of how they recommended you build influence online. It’s pretty interesting to see how people were talking about influence before Klout and Kred were in the picture. This post is a great resource to return to now and then. Who can believe that 2010 is already “the good old days?”

60 Ways to Increase Your Influence Online

Optimizing Your WordPress Blog’s SEO

One aspect of blogging that is more science than art is optimizing your blog site so that it shows up well in search engines. Factually, WordPress itself is set up in such a way that it can actually put you at an SEO disadvantage. Have no fear, however. Sarah Arrow has you covered with very clever tricks on how to optimize your WordPress blog. I’m willing to bet you could adapt some of these tips for other platforms, too. Check out her fabulous and well-explained post!


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WordPress Theme Deathmatch: Thesis vs. Genesis

Kristi Hines, aka Kikolani, has gotten to where she is in the online world because she offers some of the best and most useful content on the web, bar none. Case in point, this post that carefully evaluates two very popular WordPress frameworks, Genesis and Thesis (both created by StudioPress). Everything you could want to know, from pricing to different “skins” to which is the better deal – it’s all here. If you’re thinking about moving your blog to a self-hosted site, this post is a must-read. Check it out and bookmark it!

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Will Google Plus Kill Blogs?

Marcy Massura raised quite a lot of eyebrows when, shortly after Google Plus launched, she announced that it was a blog killer. A lot of people had announced that Google Plus would kill Facebook. Some said it would kill Twitter. But blogs? Your home base? Well, Marcy has some pretty good reasoning behind this big statement. Read her post to learn more!

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Starting A Corporate Blog – Made Easy

Jeremy Victor is taking you to school. To Corporate Blogging 101 that is. If you are thinking about starting a corporate blog, this post does an excellent job of outlining everything you need to do and even recommending the order in which you should do it! While Jeremy primarily blogs in the B2B sector, this information is valuable for anybody. Check it out!

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Writing Great Content Is Not Enough

So often in the online world, you hear that as a blogger, all you need to do is write great content and everything else will fall into place. If you’re really really lucky, it’s possible that things will shake out that way. However, most of us are not that lucky. This excellent post by Anthony Mangia explains why great content needs to be supplemented by strong SEO strategy, including link building! Read this important and well-written resource!

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On Editing Comments On Your Blog

Nic Wirtz approaches Social Media from a journalistic background, so his view on whether or not to edit blog comments may be a little bit different from that of marketers or consultants. Because of that very fact, this post is an important read. Nic shows what people may think if they find their comments are being removed or otherwise censored. Do you agree with Nic’s point of view? Do you edit blog comments yourself? Weigh in!

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How To Optimize Your Blog’s Engagement

Everyone has different objectives for their blogs and different ways of getting there. With that in mind, Debra Letil of eMentorMarketing decided to set out some basic guidelines that will help you get your readers more engaged with you and your content. No matter what your goal, keeping the interest of your readers is darned helpful! Bookmark this post because it’s a great resource!

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You Want Online Success? Ask For It.

I remember when I first started to get the inkling of what Dan Zarrella talks about in this post he wrote for CopyBlogger. I wanted more comments on my blog posts but I wasn’t getting very many, so I decided, out of sheer desperation, to start asking my readers to give a comment or to share their thoughts. You’ll never guess what happened next! People can’t know what you want them to do unless you tell them – you can do this and not tick people off. This post is a fabulous resource for showing you how!

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